Fun Hands-on MACRO Workshop! – June 21, 2014

The hands-on experience and assistance while we
interacted with
the set-ups you created was a big help!

Very informative … will recommend!

Seeing examples of all of the equipment was great …
B&H will thank you. I need more equipment now!

I attended last year’s workshop and learned even more this time!

Worthwhile for anyone interested in learning macro.

The setups were very smartly thought out, giving us various
scenarios in which true macro could be applied.

The meta data you provided for each image in relation
to macro photography was very helpful.

Macro Photography Workshop Web FlyerThis workshop is past. Thank you to our attendees.
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‘Creating Exceptional Landscape Photographs’ – May 10, 2014

I like how the course applied techniques to actual shooting situations.

Thank you both again for the outstanding two days.
Worked hard, had lots fun and learned an awful lot in a nurturing & unique environment.

It was good to see and hear other photographer’s
views, techniques and philosophies.

I really enjoyed the dual presentation as I begin to explore photography
at this level after years of point and shoot and phone cameras.

Very comprehensive and well-organized.

The course provided practical information and was presented
in a friendly & professional manner. Well worth the cost (investment).

Can’t wait for the Macro & Photoshop workshops.
Denise & Al are great teachers!

Great workshop & subject – well done by two artists!

PPS Exceptional Lndscps Web FlyerThis workshop is past. Thank you to our attendees.
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‘From Capture to Print’ – March 1, 2014

Denise and Al – you raised my PS skills a level today.
Thank you both!

Awesome Class today Denise and Al!!!
I learned a lot and I am excited to try out these Photoshop
tips and tricks. Thanks to both of you.

I really enjoyed and benefited from the workshop.
There were several “ah hah” moments!

I really liked the detailed handout so I didn’t get overwhelmed
taking notes and could listen and watch the screen.

Great workshop … thanks Albert & Denise!
The Photoshop notes are super too!

I can’t wait to try out what I learned today as well as
the various paper samples I received!

Very informative and well presented.

PPS Capture to Print Web Flyer

This workshop is past. Thank you to our attendees.
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‘Creating Exceptional Landscape Photographs’ – October 19, 2013

“Excellent. Really liked the presentation.
Can’t wait for the next one.”

“Excellent, well-paced, informative.”

“Nice range of information for a wide variety of skills/interests.
Liked the trading off between the two.
Very real love of photography comes across and is contagious.”

“As a novice, I learned a lot! Thank you!”

“Excellent seminar. Looking forward to more classes.”

“Tons & tons of info!”

“As a novice the information I learned today is just great.
Excellent instructors who work well together
to pass on their education.”

‘MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY & The Natural World’ – June 15, 2013

“I learned many new techniques and camera settings.”

“Really enjoyed the class!”

“Another great program … great set-ups.”

“Loved the class!!! Thanks Al & Denise.”

“I really enjoyed your class … will be looking forward to
other classes you offer.”

“Another excellent workshop!”

“Wish we had even more time to shoot the set-ups, which were great!”

“The class was great. I had fun and learned quite a bit too.”

‘Creating Exceptional Landscape Photographs’ – May 11, 2013

“A ton of material and inspiration.”

“An awesome seminar!!! This seminar was so informative.
Al Horner and Denise Bush are great teachers.
Can’t wait for the Macro Class!”

“Very comprehensive … a lot in a short time.”

“Thank you. This was excellent.”

“Thank you for giving this very informative workshop.”

“Thank you both. You are both wonderful photographers.
As a newcomer, I am truly inspired.”

“Very well presented for beginner & advanced.”

“Very nice and informative class.”